Empty workspace after returning to previous task

1. I work on some task.

2. I create new task with GIT branch and IDE switches me to empty workspace with checkout.

3. I close task and create another in the same way as mentioned above.

4. I switch to my first task, IDE changes my branch to previous one and for a while a workspace is restored.

5. After few seconds my workspace become empty and I get following message in log:

09:34    Workspace is restored to how it was in the ‘fb_SRD-3682' branch            Rollback Configure...

However it doesn't work well, because right after "09:34    Checked out fb_SRD-3682" my workspace was correctly restored and now is empty. I have to click "Rollback" to get correct workspace, however it not always works fine. Sometimes I'm not able to restore my previous workspace. I've got empty workspace or some previously opened files are missing.

Am I doing something wrong or it's a issue?

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