[Feature Request] DataGrip Close All Tabs from Current Connection


Hi, I frequently use many different databases / servers, sometimes up to about 4 or 5 servers at once and I find myself easily overwhelmed with open tabs. What would be extremely useful is when I want to close tabs related to the Live server for example, it'd be good to be able to click a "Close All from Current Connection" that would close all open tabs for the Live server connection.

Another alternative would be to offer the option to close all related tabs when disconnecting a server connection.

The current workaround is to either close each tab individually, which easily gets into larger numbers, or to pin all the tabs I want to keep open, which is even more, sometimes up to about 15 tabs+.


Now you can delete all console files for the connection, but not just close them. It's better to have it in youtrack: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-6108


I see this was updated in you track but I do not see the option to close all sessions for a connection. Could I get some more information about how to get to this option?


To close all Sessions go to Services (View - tool windows - services), choose the data source there, and use the context menu. 



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