How to easily view and copy files currently only accessed through SSH?

I'm using PHPStorm on the latest Mac OS, can copy over files using FTP, but am having trouble viewing files on the destination outside of copying them back over through FTP or using a command-line editor through SSH, which is a pain.

I've developed previously on Windows, and opening a file on an SSH server in FileZilla would let me just open it in Notepad++ as a temp file stored somewhere other than my normal source file, but on Mac, there's no Notepad++, its text editors are "rich" text, and it wants to overwrite the source file just to open it. Unfortunately finding tools to make things easier as a web developer on a Mac is proving frustrating, as the tool either doesn't exist or there isn't a good free equivalent, and most web searches are showing results for tools used in Windows.

Can someone with a Mac explain how to ease this process?



If you configured the integration with your remote server via FTP or SFTP in Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment, you can easily view and edit your remote files - open Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host and browse remote server as usual, open files with double click and they will be opened in the editor. If you will introduce the changes, it will ask to upload them.

If you have a local copy of your project, you can configure PhpStorm to sync your files with remote sources automatically so you could work with local files and then sync them with remotes for any outgoing or incoming changes: .


Thank you :) very helpful, I'll see if this works with our servers.


Oh, issue with this is that I need multiple repos in one folder for our local VMs but our external Sandbox servers use mixes of those repos... so for instance repo1 and repo2 go to Sandbox server 1 but repo3 goes to server 2 and repo1 and repo4 go to server 3.

Maybe this makes no sense but I have the repo folders locally in PHPStorm under the Project folder with each one configured as a "root" (so the editor can use Ctrl+click path finding), so I'm hoping each root can be configured at least to go to its own Sandbox FTP destination (if not more than one each). 


That's more complicated but you should be able to do that with multiple server configurations - use Mappings tab to configure different local paths for different servers.


OK I found how to map different paths to different servers, but I want to upload some easier way than right-click the file(s)/folder(s) > Deployment > Upload, but if I enable "On explicit Save action" (in Settings > Deployment > Options), I don't want ALL changed files in (especially in different repos) to be uploaded...

Is there some easy way to just upload the file or selected files or all files in a root folder to upload?


You can use shortcut for uploading - default is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X for Win/Lin or Cmd+Opt+Shift+X for Mac. You can press a number key to choose a server instead of selecting it with mouse too.


Will this upload only the selected folder/file or just files associated with the selected server? 


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