Strange popup appears as I type


I have installed PyCharm about a month ago and still continue to disabling various popups

What have I done:

  1. Settings->Editor->General->Show quick documentation on mouse move [disabled]
  2. Settings->Editor->General->Appearance->Show intention bulb [disabled]
  3. Settings->Editor->General->Appearance->Show parameter name hints [disabled]
  4. Settings->Tools->Web Browsers->Everything [disabled]
  5. Settings->Editor->Inspections->Everything [disabled]

And now I still have this:

What else shall I disable to get rid of it?

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It's Parameter Info, you could disable it in Settings | Editor | Code Completion | Parameter Info | Auto-display parameter info in ... ms.

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Oh, thank you! That helped
I hope now it will leave me alone at last

Problem solved


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