can I delete some extra sql consoles?

I've accidentally created a bunch of MYSQL consoles in my project due to clicking on the wrong icon in the database window. I can't see any way to easily get rid of these. Is it possible and if so how?


Hi there,

Check the appropriate node in Project View panel -- you should be able to delete them there.


Hmm... that didn't seem to have any effect. There were folders there long names of letters and numbers. Deleting one of them had no effect on the consoles that appear in the database tab.


IDE version? In 2017.3.x. it's implemented as scope (under "Project" drop-down on my screenshot)

Show the screenshot of what you see, please.

In general, the "long names of letters and numbers" stuff should be OK in 2018.1 (as per /

The only similar ticket is .. where person stopped responding (so no idea if he managed to solve his issue or not).


In any case: consoles are stored as files .. so you should be able to delete them manually in your file manager. E.g. on Windows 10 using PhpStorm 2018.1 they could be found in "C:\Users\USERNAME\.PhpStorm2018.1\config\consoles\db\0a5f4abf-5eef-415b-99ed-9b7005996af5" where "0a5f4abf-5eef-415b-99ed-9b7005996af5" is some unique DB connection ID. You just need to find your one.


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