Navigate/Search now opens up Database tab rather than console directly


I just updated to 2018.1 and I noticed that now when I have my binding setup for Navigate to Symbol or Search Everywhere and start typing in one of the databases I want to open the console for it is now opening up the Databases tab rather than opening up the console for the database directly. 

Previously it would have just opened up the console directly which was really nice. Am I missing a way to automatically open up the console for a particular Data Source from the search window?


That is the setting you need to play with


So after doing a bit more research between 2017.3 and 2018.1 I think I have figured out what the difference is now. 

In my 2017.3 i had setup a keybind for Main Menu -> Navigate -> Table which I would use to quickly switch between database consoles (screenshot attached of the search results for 2017.3) 

Whereas with 2018.3 it has switched toMain Menu -> Navigate -> Table/Routine/Class and in this search box it appears that data sources no longer show up at all (screenshot below)

From testing the Navigate by Symbol the behavior is the same between 2017.3 and 2018.1 (they both open up the Databases tab with one of them highlighted). So I guess my question here is are there any plans to have a Navigate to Data Source option as a keybinding since Data Sources have been removed from the Navigate to Table/Routine/Class searching?


That's a regression. Thanks! We'll bring it back.


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