PyCharm, cPython, pythonnet and .NET Code Completion


PyCharm 2017.3.4

cPython 3.6.4

pythonnet 2.3.0

I am a brand newb to .NET, so apologies if I misuse terminology. 

The code runs correctly, but PyCharm does not see the ?name spaces?.  I have turned on "Collect run-time types information for code insight", since in a post somewhere that was alledged to help with code completion.  I am hoping getting the NameSpaces recognized will fix Code Completion as well.

I found a link on GitHub to a different skeleton generator, but if it is not recognized to begin with...

My end desire is to have .NET code completion working.  Anything else I should try?  (already tried IronPython, but other problems)  Doomed??

Code snippet below.  "System" is shown as an "Unresolved Reference":

Thanks, Mark


import sys
sys.path.append(r'C:\Python36\Lib\site-packages')                       # Adds path to clr.pyd & Python.Runtime.dll

import clr                                      # Import the Common Language Runtime


from System import String
from System.Collections import *


I have this exact problem. Were you able to resolve this?


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