Javascript include in HTML

 I'm not sure if something in my preferences is wrong, but when I try to use JavaScript inside a HTML file I get this error:

When I try without a type attribute, I get this message:

What is wrong - both versions are valid in my browser...


Hi there,

Please provide screenshot of "Settings/Preferences | Editor | Language Injections" -- whole list, mainly interested in not "built-in" entries in "Scope" column.


This requires two screenshots - 3 entries are double:


Please delete 2nd rule from the end (script/@type) -- you accidentally have created injection rule that injects JavaScript inside the "type" attribute of "<script>" tag.

Based on screenshot you may do the same with other rule of "IDE" scope -- it also looks invalid to me (same as above but for another attribute)


Yeah, now it looks good. I don't remember consciously registering this. I am new to PhpStorm and I don't understand these injections yet. Possibly incorrect manipulation via the bulb tip :)

Thank you for your help.


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