Viewing Project Settings for Multiple Projects


I have two projects open in the same PyCharm window and am trying to set interpreter settings for each project. When I open the Preferences menu, I'm only able to view project settings for one of the two projects. Is there a way for me to view and set settings for each project or am I limited to just the one project?


Hi Andrew! There should be a switch to select the concrete project, e.g.:

Or did I misunderstand your request?


I saw the ability to setup and select multiple project interpreters as you pointed out but I'm still unclear on how to set interpreters for each project. If project Foo is the default project and project Bar is a secondary project, I only see Foo as an option in preferences.

As your screenshot shows, the left menu in your preferences panel only shows one project (Foo). How do I set the interpreter for Bar if the project preferences menu for Bar doesn't exist?


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