New Update Problem with Back and Forward buttons

What was changed in the back and forward buttons? Before it would put the code back when edited now it jumps around on the editor?

The buttons use to put the code back after editing if you did not like the changes.

Also I liked the look of the older buttons better then the new ones.



Hi there,

Heh.. ??

The way you describe your "back and forward buttons" .... it looks more like Undo / Redo .. because Navigate Back/Forward does not change the code at all...


Well I do not know what they were called before, but I never had those buttons on an install.

On my update they were changed to the 2 blue arrow buttons before they were 2 like pink orange gradient half moons with a trail

I checked in the toolbars and do not see anything with the type of icon they were before.

Why would my redo / undo be replaced with the 2 blue back / forward buttons?



>Why would my redo / undo be replaced with the 2 blue back / forward buttons?

They are not replaced. They both present in 2017.3.x


Now in 2018.1 it looks like the whole "Edit" section was removed.

I cannot blame them -- do we really need toolbar buttons for such basic standard actions (Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V and alike) here in 2018..?


In any case: you can add any actions you wish to the toolbar by right clicking on empty space in toolbar or via "Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars"


Ok, Got them back. Thank you


It's just a little confusing, we get use to using the editor and toolbars and they they change everything on you.

Thank you for your help.






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