webstorm, vue.js I can not create a new project.



I'm working with vue.js, but I get this error from creating a new project.

I installed vue-cli separately in npm and I worked on it.

I can not find the reason why I get this error. What should I do?


Note that if you translate the red part into English in the second screenshot
(error: 'git' is an internal or external command, a program that can be executed, or)

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Hi there,

As I understand it says that it cannot find (or execute) "git" command. Do you have it git installed in your main OS (Windows)?

Also check idea.log file (Help | Show Log in ...) -- it may have better text/hints there.

Other than that: create new project using vue-cli in terminal/command line .. and then just use "Open" in WebStorm and point to the project root folder -- IDE will create new project from those files.


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