Ultimate 2018.1 MacOS freezes constantly


Since upgrading from 2017.3, I've experienced nonstop freezes, some lasting minutes, others until I force-quit.  Simply opening the preferences dialog then closing it without any changes will do it.  I've wiped out previous settings, but even the settings dialog in a brand new project in a fresh install manages to freeze as well.

Continuing to keep an Ultimate subscription active seems like throwing away money at this point.


Sorry for the issue. Could you upload (to our ftp or any other server) complete IDE log folder zipped to check? Thanks.

It may help to start with deleted/moved IDE plugins folder.



I have exactly same issue. I've just updated my MacOS version from 2017.3 and 2018.1 is unusable as it freezes for second or two even while typing.

I've uploaded logs folder via HTTPS service, name of the file is Kuba_Pilecki_IntelliJIdea2018.1.zip. I'm running this on Late 2013 MacBook Pro Retina with 16GB of RAM, Core i7 2.3GHz CPU and GeForce GT 750M.

Guys, you need to get yourselves together with MacOS version as it's more and more problematic - there is still problem with extensive system resources use when 4K monitor is connected and now this version just totally breaks IDE.


@Kuba, your issue doesn't look similar. The initial reporter mentioned complete IDE freeze which is not your case. Do you have the slowness when working with the certain project or file types?

Please try allocating more memory to IDEA process by setting bigger `-Xmx` value in `.vmoptions` file (via Help | Edit Custom VM Options action). Also please try to disable these plugins: `Loaded custom plugins: CSV Plugin (1.5.1), GenerateSerialVersionUID (3.0.3), GitLink (2.3.1)`.

If problem remains, please file an issue at YouTrack with the CPU snapshots, taken at the very moment of slowness. Thank you!


I have the exact same problems the moment I upgraded my community from 2017.3 (the Ultimate one bough to me by the company will stay at 2017.3) to 2018.1.


I am on Ubuntu 2017.10 / x64


I keep a Community version for experimenting/performance but today I have real problems. Any way to help you debug it? I attach a screenshot.


It have deleted/moved previous IDE plugins folder. I start clean.





It seems that I did not give it enough memory :-(


Sorry for the noise, but I will keep an eye on it.


I opened a support ticket with the logs in it (which don't seem to show much) and the thread dump files (which might, I hadn't looked), and don't have that logs directory handy after the wipe and downgrade.  I can try recreating them if the ticket is tricky to cross-reference.  Submitter email should start with my username (cja987).

Some of the freezes did eventually end and things became unstuck after more than a minute waiting, but I didn't wait around to see if that was the case for all of the freezes.  When it wasn't  giving me the spinning beach ball after closing a dialog, normal operation of the IDE was actually quite snappy.



Adding entries in my /etc/hosts file with the hostname appears to have done the trick.  Should have remembered this from before, seeing's how the JDK has had this bug for what feels like forever.


I think I suffer from the same or a similar issue. Since 2018.1 Intellij constantly freezes and is getting nearly unusable.


@Michiel Meeuwissen if issue is the same modifying "/etc/hosts" file should help. Otherwise please report the problem as per Reporting performance problems. Thank you!



After 2017.03 -> 2018.01.

It's teribble.

I'm using Ruby and Slim plugin.


The https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-189321 issue affecting mostly Mac users has been fixed. The fix will appear in 2018.1.1 version.


Honestly, this is one of the largest oversights I have seen, it is still completely broken 2018.1.1 doesn't fix anything. I have stripped all plugins and still nothing...

In my case, I click on a file type a " and done... No more IDE... Very unfortunate as IntelliJ is, well maybe was, a beacon of stability...

I'd say go back to releasing every year if this is going to be what happens when IntelliJ tried to be ever-green, or beef up the QA, it is astonishing that this didn't come up during a test.


@Mike Salvia please see this comment. If the mentioned workaround does not help you it means you are experiencing different issue. If so, please describe the performance problem it at YouTrack issue. Thank you.


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