Webstorm is marking some files as Libraries


i've being struggling with this issue for some time, i start working on some .js file and later on Webstorm convert it to a external library and puts this icon instead

then start asking if i want to modify this external library file, does anyone knows how to solve this issue?




does renaming the file help? do you have any file watchers/compilers producing/updating .js files? Check if you have a Generated files library in Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries


Hi Elena,

i have prettier setup as a file watcher, and i also have a Generated files library, should i delete it?


Yes, please try deleting it - does it help?


Yes!! i deleted  it and the files come back to normal, but when the file watcher executes they turn back again.

Is there a way to disabled Generated files library?

Thanks Elena!!


what file watcher(s) do you use? If Prettier is your only file watcher, then upgrading to the most recent WebStorm version should help - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-31413 is fixed there


I updated my webstorm and everything is working fine now,


Thanks Elena for your help!!


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