Debugging from a vendor map, which is another git repo

While developing on a project, it happend quit frequently we do develop or alter some of the composer packages we use in our project.

The setup is as follows:

- 2 Phpstorm projects open, each with their own GIT repo

- composer package is mapped to the correct vendor map on the docker container for a direct upload of the changes.


The problem is that I use the debuger continuously while developing and I would like to have the breakpoints in the composer package to stop as well.

So far, I can only find documantation or guidelines how to debug a project in general, not how to do this while developing a composer package project.


Any help will be appreciated.



If you need to work with packages like with regular project files, it's necessary to go to Settings | Languages & Frameworks | PHP | Composer and disable Add packages as libraries option - this should help.


Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for your reply. This will probably work within Phpstorm, but probably not when the composer update is executed from the console.

Furthermore I have some doubts for other packages. Actually I only want to disable my own packages.


I think this has probably to do with a lack of knowledge of a descent development setup here.
Both are 2 different GIT repo's. If I'll put the package within the vendor map of the project checkout, these will be overwritten when I perform a composer update.
Till so far, I have not found a good setup to have both checkouts and together. Love to see a better setup how to establish this. Do you have any links to a good setup?
Thanks in advance.

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