Global directory list for indexing exclusion

Indexing of data folders is annoying. Some of my projects generate thousands of files, thus, the indexing takes hours and does not make any sense.

The question: is there a way to add global paths to exclude from indexing (for all projects)? I usually keep all my data in a single data folder and use soft links in project folders to data when necessary, thus, adding global folders to indexing exception should solve this annoying problem. Having such a feature is a MUST!

Thank you!

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Ok, I think I have had enough. Each version of Pycharm was slower and slower (probably indexing is the major contributor there) up until it became unusable in the last 2 versions (typing of the text takes 3-5 seconds before the letters appear on the screen). Pycharm has very convenient tools, but it is no substitute for such low level of performance. I am switching to sublime, which is simple, pretty and extremely fast. Not sure if Java or simply a bad design choices are to blame for the poor Pycharm performance, but I hope one day it will be rewritten / fixed properly and it will get usability of QtCreator and Visual Studio.  


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