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I 'm using PyCharm Professional 2018.1.4 on Windows 10 pc (PC_A).

I have remote desktop with configured SSH with Anaconda and Python 3.6 (PC_B) .

I'm trying to connect PC_A to PC_B via SSH interpreter options in the interpreter settings.

But I keep receiving Session.connect: End of IO Stream Read .

I manged connecting to the remote pc (PC_B) via Putty but not through PyCharm.


Did any one have this problem or found a fix?

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I have the same problem. but I'm getting a connection failed error.

I have a GCP instance with GPUs configured in it. I have pycharm latest Professional version installed in my local machine. I trying to do an SSH interpreter connection to the GCP instance from my localpycharm IDE, so that I can run my python scripts in the cloud interpreter and make use of the GPUs of the GCP instance.
But the connection is always getting failed. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong here.
Note: I followed the same steps given in the 'Configure remote Python interpreters' section of pycharm support page.
Kindly help me out in doing this process.




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