JSON API in structure

Is there some way to provide an api/scheme for a JSON file, so in the structure view it can present the data in a more user friendly format.

For example, given the following json file


   site: 'my site',

   pages: [


          route: '/abc',

          timestamp: blah, blah



         route: 'xyz',

        timestamp: ...

    }, ....



in the structure view, you see something similar to



    -> pages

       -> {} object

       -> {} object


meaning I have to open each 'pages' object to find the one I want, when ideally, with an api, it would show


site ('my site')

   -> pages

      -> (route 'abc')

     -> (route 'xyz')


so when using json with an api, it is much easier to view it in a structured format.

a simple DSL describing the 'name property' for each level would suffice, so the api file might look like:



meaning that for each 'pages' element, I want to display the route property as the 'name'

a more advanced syntax might allow expressions for the 'name' property


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No, there is no such feature; please feel free to file a request for it to youtrack, https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WEB


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