Error running 'test.js': Program path not specified


I am learning javascript for the first time and I'm using Webstorm. I have entered a very simple script:


Hoping to get out 10 ; however I get the following error instead:

Error running 'test.js': Program path not specified

Looking for solution from similar problems online I checked my settings, but I am not sure how to configure this either if it needs configuring - I expected everything to be already packaged up for me to just run a simple script.


Do you have Node.js interpreter installed? If yes, please try specifying a full path to it in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Node.js and NPM, Node interpreter




this screenshot just shows that you have Node.js plugin enabled. Node.js interpreter doesn't come bundled with webstorm, you have to download it from


If you are not using Node.js, try this:

Run>  Edit  Configurations

Here, you would see a window. Select '+', find for 'JavaScript Debug'. Then this is what you will see:

Select your file, set URL (if you don't have any server, probably local one.)

Try run again. 


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