SSH Tunneling

Hi! I have an instance on EC2 that I'm tunneling into to access a Bitnami install. It works fine as is, however as I check my code I use Chrome accessing http://localhost:8888/ and http://localhost:8888/phpmyadmin.

In order to do so, I have to keep PuTTY open with it's SSH active. This isn't a big hassle, just wondered if I could do the same using PHPStorm. It seems to have every feature known to man. 

I did find a lot of articles talking about making an SSH conn in order to reach a database, however is there the same type of tunneling that PuTTY provides? Would be great to only have to have one tool open.


Thanks for any help!



No, there are no built-in tunneling features like PuTTY.

However you can connect to a database via SSH tunnel in order to work with it directly from PhpStorm: .


Hey Clayton,


I came across this while trying to do the same thing. I figured out a way to do it if you have Windows 10. 

The latest version of Windows 10 as a built in SSH client. Here's a video for how to install it if it's not already:

Now in PhpStorm just open a new terminal by clicking the "+" next to the current terminal.

I'm going to assume you're connecting with a private key stored in a file. Mine is in my .ssh folder.

now type in the new terminal you opened:

ssh -N -L [local port#]: -i "path to key file" [remote user name]@[remote ip address]


Example for me:

ssh -N -L 8888: -i "C:\Users\Kevin Campbell\.ssh\mytest.pem" bitnami@

And now you have an SSH tunnel open and can access the remote site using http://localhost:8888


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