SSH Tunneling

Hi! I have an instance on EC2 that I'm tunneling into to access a Bitnami install. It works fine as is, however as I check my code I use Chrome accessing http://localhost:8888/ and http://localhost:8888/phpmyadmin.

In order to do so, I have to keep PuTTY open with it's SSH active. This isn't a big hassle, just wondered if I could do the same using PHPStorm. It seems to have every feature known to man. 

I did find a lot of articles talking about making an SSH conn in order to reach a database, however is there the same type of tunneling that PuTTY provides? Would be great to only have to have one tool open.


Thanks for any help!

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No, there are no built-in tunneling features like PuTTY.

However you can connect to a database via SSH tunnel in order to work with it directly from PhpStorm: .


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