IntelliJ -> Tools -> IDE Scripting Console -> Kotlin


One of my favorite features of Emacs is the ability to:

1. write some elisp code

2. hit C-x C-e, and

3. extend the editor itself

I believe two possible approaches to this "dynamic reprogrammability" are:


1. live-plugin: and

2. ide scripting console: somewhat documented at (unfortunately only Groovy + Clojure)


my question:


Are there kotlin examples for using IDE Scripting Console? If so, where are they?





Blog post with description and examples is planned, but not released yet. Feel free to ask for an example in comments:



Hi Yaroslav,


  I believe that link is identical to #2 in the original post. Furthermore, it's only clojure + groovy -- there are no Kotlin examples there.


Yes, it's the same link. I just meant that you could ask for an example in comments.


The gist linked above is nowhere near enough for someone to actually start writing even the simplest automation. It's usable just for experienced plugin developers that are already familiar with the API.


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