Mistake suppress

today by accident, when I performed code inspections, in "Inspection Results" I clicked on the "Suppress all for file" option. Is it possible to undo it?

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Hi there,

What's your exact IDE version (including build number)?

1) Check the file itself -- usually such suppression is done by adding "/** @noinspection InspectionName */" (for PHP) kind of comments in appropriate places (just before the "problematic" place) -- you may remove them manually.

2) Just use Local History and revert file back to one of the previous versions (basically ... same as above but in one go): https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/PhpStorm/Local+History+in+PhpStorm

3) If it's suppressed somehow differently (which I actually doubt .. but still possible since I have never used such particular suppression option myself) .. then you would need to provide some additional info/screenshots.


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