JetBrains Toolbox tries to launch 32-bit PhpStorm

I have Toolbox installed and independently (i.e. not as a Toolbox app - this is deliberate) I have PhpStorm 2018.1 64-bit installed. Windows 10.

When I try and launch a project from Toolbox I get the following error:

I can open projects fine from PhpStorm itself, I just can't launch them from Toolbox.

It looks like Toolbox is trying to launch the 32-bit version of PhpStorm. How can I tell it to use the 64-bit version of PhpStorm?

If the solution is to define a JAVA_HOME environment variable, is there a guide for doing that?

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That's not for sure, but there's a chance you the link in your Windows Star menu goes to phpstorm.exe and not phpstorm64.exe, please check that by opening Toolbox log and looking for `phpstorm.exe`. (Nothing helpful, just for future reference)


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