'Run All Tests' panel stealing focus from main editor panel on 'Go To Line/Column' action


I opened the ‘Run - All tests’ panel in floating mode(usually placed in a second display/monitor at work) and doing the coding work on the main editor panel. Everything works fine while I’m editing the files, and saving the changes will trigger the ‘Run - All tests’ panel to re-run tests instantaneously in the background without stealing focus, which is good and what I expected. But when I press the ‘Cmd + L’ shortcut to go to a specific line(see the second screenshot below) and hit enter, the ‘Run - All tests’ panel will steal focus away from the main editor panel, which is not what I’d expected. Tests should stay in background providing feedback but not stealing your main focus away from code editing.

So in short:

  • problem: the testing panel is stealing focus away from the editing panel on ‘Cmd + L’ shortcut which is distracting and breaks coding workflow
  • expected behaviour: the testing panel should not gain focus unless user explicitly calls them out(by pressing the default shortcut ‘cmd + 4’, etc)

Steps to reproduce

  1. open the ‘Run - All tests’ panel in the floating mode so that it’ll be a separate panel alongside the main editor panel
  2. hit ‘Cmd + L’ to call out the little ‘Go To Line/Column’ action
  3. typing in whatever line or/and column
  4. hit ‘Enter’ to confirm jumping
  5. the ‘Run - All tests’ panel then gains focus and the main editor panel now loses focus
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Oh, I find that the ‘Cmd + L’ won’t steal focus away in Windowed Mode. Will give a try tomorrow and report back here.

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The Windowed Mode works like a charm in my case. Guess I don’t need to stick to the floating mode now :)

Happy to see this resolved.


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