Git commit with "ignore files and folders"

When pushing a commit to my git repository, my PhpStorm is skipping files that are not part of the .git_ignore, after looking deeper, I found that it is the files under my main "ignore files and folders" section (.exe, .pyo, .svn, .git)
"Editor > File Types > Ignore files and folders"
not the "Version control > Ignored Files" list

While I appreciate that these files are hidden from view, I do sometimes edit them (or download a package that contains them) and need to put them into my repository.

Is there a way to keep them ignored (at least not viewed in my file tree) but still allow them to be seen as a changed file in git and pushed to the repository when I commit if they are altered?

I would like them ignored as far as code checking goes, and i don't want to see them, as I would be editing them outside of PhpStorm, but I would like to limit myself to a single git push utility (and I really want to stop using sourcetree)


.exe, .pyo, .svn, .git are not in Ignore files and folders by default: you can try to remove them from that list.



The problem is, I want them ignored from my view (I do not want them listed when I am looking at the file tree for editing in PhpStorm), but I don't want them ignored when it comes to committing to the git repository.

Therefore, I would think, add to: "Editor > File Types > Ignore files and folders"

do not add to "Version Control > Ignored Files"


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