It succeeds in transferring to the device but fails to start up


Failed when invoking the debugger of the actual device
(Sometimes I succeed)
Transfer succeeds
This problem came to occur in this update,
Before that it worked fine



Additional notes:
The device where trouble occurs is the real machine of iPhone 5s
Also, it worked correctly on the actual machine of iPhoneX



Hi Kenichi.

Please go to Help | Debug Log Settings, paste the following there:



Then reproduce the problem and send zipped contents of Logs folder (Help | Show Log in Finder) to our support email: Do not forget to disable debug logging afterwards.


It does not work for the iPhone correctly, that more troubles to my device when I get if with this here another problem comes with my Asus 0xc000000f which irritates me more if any of the problem solution you have please share.


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