Deleting a project in PyCharm 2018.1



Is there an easy way to delete a PyCharm project?

I've searched in Help documentation but can't find the delete button as specified in the Jetbrains help.

I thought having a button in the toolbar would have been an obvious place to put it.

Thanks for any help.


If you want to delete a project from the disk, this can't be done from within Pycharm. The project in PyCharm is just a folder with some source files and subfolders + .idea folder that holds project settings. Please use your file manager to delete your project folder from the disk.

If you miss a possibility to delete the project folder physically from the IDE, please vote for


As a new user to PyCharm - stupid to have a delete button but have it grayed out - version 2019.1. Now we have to waste even more time voting? Nuts!


Hi Ronf,

It works on my side. Could it be related to user permissions?

Please report an issue to and attach your idea.log from Help | Show Log in...


I puzzled with the following for a little while.

I created a new python project (let's say I named it X) and, as recommended,  let PyCharm create a new environment for it. I use anaconda so I had selected "coda" as the type of environment.

I didn't configure some other things the way I wanted, so I completely deleted the X directory from the directory holding all my PyCharm projects. When I went back into PyCharm and tried to create the project with the name X again, I got a puzzling error message like "project directory X is not empty."  That was odd, because there no longer was an X project directory.

What fixed this for me was to also delete the conda environment created for X. That usually lives under $HOME/anaconda/envs.


It's definitely useful to have a single button to clean out entire project, together with its conda environment created for it.


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