"Find in Path" window will not show up in PhpStorm

I was trying to move this window around and suddenly it disappeared. What is worse I don't know how to restore it. You can't bring it up anymore, neither by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F nor by going to "Edit->Find->Find in Path" Checked if it was on another non-existent monitor (it wasn't). Restarted PhpStorm - no luck. Restarted the machine - same thing. Deleted workspace.xml - still nothing.

I am running PhpStorm on Ubuntu 16.04. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I couldn't afford to wait a couple of days for an answer, so I went ahead and found a solution myself. Here's what you need to do in case you stumble upon the same problem: Locate the folder with PhpStorm's settings (on linux it would be ~/.PhpStorm2018.1 or something similar). Go to config/options directory and delete the file dimensions.xml.


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