iOS Device doesn't show up in XCTest configuration



After AppCode updated to 2018.1.5, it is able to run with XCode 9.4 environment. But iOS physical device doesn't show up in XCTest configuration

With XCode 9.4.1

build, run and test work both on simulator and physical device

With AppCode 2018.1.5

build and run work on both.

Test on simulator works fine, but physical device is missing on configuration device list. Tried edit configuration, not help


My workspace was created recently with XCode 9.4. It consists of a library project and a sample project. It provides BLE feature which requires physical device to test. So that XCTest locates in sample project, as show in screenshot below



  • macOS High Sierra 10.13.5
  • XCode 9.4.1
  • AppCode 2018.1.5
  • CocoadPod 1.5.0


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Could you submit a screenshot of your NotepadKitTests.testVersionInfo run configuration from AppCode?

What if you open NotepadKitTests file in editor and try to run tests from gutter / context (see below), would the run configuration created as a result of that be only runnable against simulator as well?

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Sorry for late rely

During the few days, both macOS and AppCode upgrade.


  • macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
  • XCode 9.4.1
  • AppCode 2018.1.6
  • CocoadPod 1.5.0


I tried gutter / context, with no physical device detected, as below


I tried cleaning up the repository with "git clean -xdf", which result even stranger

In the beginning, Xcode could not run NotepadKitTest in the "Test Navigator", but run from gutter is OK

After building and running NotepadKitSample APP on the physical device, XCode "Test Navigator" becomes enabled

Nevertheless, AppCode come with no luck. Building and running NotepadKitSample on physical devices is fine, NotepadKitTests is not.



I'll try to make a public sample repository with the same problem on GitHub later

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>I'll try to make a public sample repository with the same problem on GitHub later

Thanks, that would be very helpful.

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