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@Colin Fleming

I cannot believe you are still here and replied my post. I did find the post you mentioned, but failed to make it work. I added it in this way, 

public class VerilogCodeFoldingOptionsProvider extends BeanConfigurable<VerilogCodeFoldingSettings> implements CodeFoldingOptionsProvider {
public VerilogCodeFoldingOptionsProvider() {
VerilogCodeFoldingSettings settings = getInstance();
final SearchableOptionsRegistrar optionsRegistrar = SearchableOptionsRegistrar.getInstance();
optionsRegistrar.addOption("All Verilog Code", null, "All Verilog Code", "editor.preferences.folding", "Code Folding");
checkBox("<html>All Verilog Code</html>", settings::isCollapseAllVerilog, settings::setCollapseAllVerilog);

It does not work. Maybe it should be placed in initComponent or some where else. I also tried Singingbush's method, but failed either.
SearchableOptionContributor works fine now. Anyway, thank you four your advice.

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@Aleksey Pivovarov, 

Thank you very much, it's exactly what I want. 

It is SearchableOptionContributor now, not SearchableOptionsContributor. That's why I didn't find it out before.


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