Changing color schemes in entire IDE, not just editor


I am using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition 2018.1.5, and incredibly, I cannot find an option to change the color scheme for the entire IDE. The best I can do is get it to change in the editor panel, so the rest of the environment is unmatched. 

What I mean to say is, I can choose between two default color schemes for the whole IDE: light and dark. But these stay the same regardless of what external theme I try to apply. Any new themes only affect the editor. Here is a picture of my attempt to apply Solarized light:

The editor has the new theme, but everything else is still white.

Please, can someone tell me how to change the color scheme? It is really baffling that this is not an easy process like with Eclipse, VS Code, Netbeans, or any other IDE or coding editor I can think of. Especially considering that this is a paid program that costs hundreds of dollars per year. There has to be a way to do this simple thing, right?

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I'm relieved to discover the background image feature of 2019.3.2 is doing a lot to solve this problem for me. I've created jpeg of a mid green and with this set as my background image (File > Settings > Appearance & Behaviour > Appearance > Background Image) I get a consistent comfortable color for all the IDE windows.

I have an eye condition known as Scotopic sensitivity / Irlen Meares syndrome. It's related to dyslexia. The usual choice between bright white backgrounds or high contrast themes doesn't work for me and possibly millions of people worldwide (estimates vary between 3-5% of the population affected).

Because Windows 10 doesn't allow you to override background colours without adding a custom theme, Intellij wasn't inheriting the 'application background' colour as Eclipse on Win7 used to. The background image feature is a real lifesaver here. Dark themes are less bad but still hard work. The only answer is the ability to set a custom background for all the IDE windows. I actually would actually not be able to work without custom background colours.

It's a fairly common, and I suspect growing condition because screens default to a brighter white background than text in books used to be. In fact a primary (Junior High) head (principal) told me they're aware of the problem and have color overlays for any kids having problems with reading. Here in the uk they're also teaching kids that age programming - so hopefully intellij support will realise the value of background customisation and keep this feature.



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Just try to change color scheme to dark if light choosen or to light if dark choosen. And than choose the scheme that you want to accept. The scheme will apply for all IDE. That's method helped me. 


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