Has file type patterns syntax changed?

I'm trying out latest stable version and I couldn't get syntax highlighting in Apache configuration files (e.g. `httpd-vhosts.conf`) until I added `.conf` to my existing patterns (`*.conf` and `.htaccess`). Perhaps it's always worked this way (I honestly can't remember) but it's strange that most other file types have file extensions with `*` wildcards. Has it always been this way? Shouldn't `*.conf` actually match `httpd-vhosts.conf`?


Hi there,

Nothing has changed as far as I'm aware (at very least on my setup at first glance).


>Shouldn't `*.conf` actually match `httpd-vhosts.conf`?

It should -- does it here (2018.1.1).

Please go through all File Types ("Text" file type in particular) and check if you do not have some another conflicting pattern that would prevent `*.conf` from working.

So far I do not see how and why "*.conf" would not match "httpd-vhosts.conf" but ".conf" would...


Thank you. I'll double-check everything.


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