Hibernate Workflow Is Hard To Find


3 days ago I wanted to generate some hibernate entities from an H2 database but couldn't work out how to do it so I ended up searching online and I found the answer here.


Generate Persistence Mapping - Import dialogs

From the Persistence tool window: Right-click a module, persistence unit or session factory, point to Generate Persistence Mapping and select the necessary option.


Today I expanded my database schema and wanted to generate more entities but I couldn't remember what I read exactly earlier in the week and I couldn't work it out from the GUI.

I expected to right-click on a table in the Database tool window and generate from there but that didn't work.

I remembered something about the persistence tool window and right clicked on entityManagerFactory and on open space but there was nothing in the menu so I looked elsewhere.

I tried right-clicking on a source package under the New menu option.

I looked in the Code, Edit and Tools menu.

I tried Alt-Enter.


Then I had to search again to find the help and realised that the only way to generate the entities is to click on a specific node in the persistence tool window.

If you miss that then it is completely hidden from you.

Thats a pretty bad user experience.


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Thank you for your feedback. Moved it to tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-195540.


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