What do the colors in the Diff viewer mean??

In previous versions of Storm there was a legend in the spine of the Diff Viewer which presented the meaning of each colour - ie deleted, changed etc. That legend is now gone. A) Can I get it back? and where ??


Hi there,

You can check and adjust them at "Settings/Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | Diff & Merge"

Not sure about bringing back the legend.


Or it might be Settings | Version Control | File Status Colors.


I miss the color legend too, however,  green is new code, blue is changed code, grey is deleted code and red signifies a conflict.

Bring the color legend back, please.  It's useful!


Bring the color legend back, please. It's useful!

But it didn't go anywhere, did it? Please show a screenshot of the window where you think the colors are missing.


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