Deploy to external server shows drop-down of one server


I have multiple servers configured and when I right-click > Deployment > Upload to..., if the file is associated with a server that is not the default, it shows a pop-up drop-down of only that server, requiring another click to select the server.

On a default server, the file just uploads.

The problem with this is if I have multiple root folders configured with their own servers, only the files connected to the default server will upload, and the other one will not show a drop-down, so they never get uploaded.

This results in having to select the files from each server separately and deploy separately, with the non-default servers requiring another click on a pop-up drop-down showing only one server.

It's very time consuming especially when debugging or making small changes. I need to know a solution to this or there needs to be a UX change.

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There's no solution currently. It's a known issue and our team is working on it:


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