Code not updating within IDE if updated externally


I've just upgraded to the most recent version #iU-181.4445.78 and have noticed that the source within the IDE is now not updated if an svn update is done externally.

Our codebase is organised with each module being a project with its own svn trunk, and there are over 200 of these.

We use a script to basically run though and do an svn update on each trunk, and previously after the script is run, when you then went into the IDE, it had detected that the source was changed and update its codebase.

This is now not happening after the upgrade. Is this a problem in settings, because this is not really workable as I would have to find each of the projects which have changed and do a manual svn update on each of these projects.


Hello Steve,

Do you mean that IDEA shows old code after external update? Does running "File | Synchronize" help?


Hi Yaroslav,

That's exactly what happens, though it is inconsistent as to which projects are not updated in cache. File Synchronize appears to only synchronize the current file. As far as I can see only an SVN update directory updates the module, but all modules (>200) are different svn trunks so it is not a trivial task and why we do an update of the source outside of intellij.

There appears to be several bugs with this version so the dev group are rolling back to 2017.2 unfortunately this means that the config directory has to be deleted as once we upgrade to 2018 the 2017 versions still don't work.






Could you please report an issue on YouTrack: attaching idea.log ("Help | Show Log in...") after restarting IDE and performing external update?



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