Error in jar when app runs in IDE


First post newbie, so apologies for any stupidity.

I'm trying to migrate from Netbeans and I can get projects running in IDEA as applications but as a jar I get errors.

Errors are, for example net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRuntimeException: No query executer factory registered for the 'sql' language.

In netbeans the jasper reports jar is held in the dist\lib folder and is listed in the artifacts section of the project structure in IDEA.

Looks like I'm missing something in the migration for the jar version of the project in IDEA.

Where am I going wrong?


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Try adding Jasper library to the classpath, as described here:


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Thanks Petr, 

I suspect the problem was something like that but I resolved it by starting the migration again from scratch and only bringing the source code in.  The advice here is to copy the whole project folder from netbeans.

Also I have multiple projects with some common classes held in one of them which was then in the other projects libraries as a jar which netbeans deals with well.  Again the advice here seems to be include the source code, which led to the main class of the linked project launching rather than the desired main class - something to do with manifest I'd guess.  I linked to the jar this time per netbeans. All good.


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