File showing error at top right but not which line


It shows no error message, I'm seeing no red line anywhere... nothing I click in this box takes me to the error.


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Hi there,

Please use "Code | Inspect Code.." and run it on current file -- it will give all those errors/warnings/notices/etc as a list in a separate tool window; there you can group found issues on severity or other factor. This would be the best way to see that "1 error" that you cannot locate on the scroll bar.

At the same time: there is also a shortcut (it depends on keymap used -- in Default it would be "F2") that will focus next major issue right in the editor. If you right click on that red exclamation icon then AFAIK it should offer such action in appeared menu.

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Thanks. This shouldn't require a forum post however, it should be intuitive.

Vladimir Luchansky
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There is a large tutorial project available at GitHub that covers all the basics of PhpStorm and even more: <>. It comes with preconfigured Vagrant or Docker environment of your choice so you won't need to spend your time on configuring the sandbox of your own. You can either checkout/download it directly from GitHub or create a new PhpStorm Workshop Project directly from PhpStorm's File > New Project menu - it will download everything automatically.


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