Pycharm inspections giving unexpected arguments

I am calling subprocess.Popen with a named argument text. The PyCharm inspections claim that this is an unexpected argument. Python documentation shows this was recently added in 3.7. My project's interpreter is 3.7, the code runs fine, and I can even select Go To Declaration and it takes me to the file that contains a named argument text. At this point I am really confused about where the inspections are getting the argument list from and am wondering if this could be a PyCharm bug. I have even tried the invalidate caches option and that didn't work either.

Thank you for your help!

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I'm wondering if this isn't a bug in the typeshed referring to a earlier version of Popen? 

I'm on 3.6 which uses the subprocess.pyi from 3.  So I'm guessing there should be a new subprocess.pyi in 3.7 or an updated version in the 3 folder.  



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