Error running Spring Boot with Intellj 2018.1


I am getting this error:

 ERROR - Destroy method on bean with name 'org.springframework.context.annotation.internalScheduledAnnotationProcessor' threw an exception
java.lang.IllegalStateException: ApplicationEventMulticaster not initialized - call 'refresh' before multicasting events via the context: org.springframework.boot.context.embedded.AnnotationConfigEmbeddedWebApplicationContext@3ab6678b: startup date [Wed Apr 25 15:06:42 EDT 2018]; root of context hierarchy

in the new Intellij version where it runs fine with 2017.x

Could you let me know what I need to do here?


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Do you have any other exceptions with full stack trace? Try with enabled/disabled Include dependencies with "Provided" scope option in Spring Boot Run/Debug Configuration. Check also similar threads about this error,

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Thanks after un-checking the scope, it worked!

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I had this same problem, and after unchecking the "Include dependencies with 'Provided' scope" the problem appears to have gone away.  


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