Shortcut for "find code" in directory in WebStorm 2018.1.1

I've updated my WebStorm to version 2018, but one specific shortcut doesn't work anymore. 

In version 2017.3 I could press in one directory in the project and press CTRL + SHIFT + F to find usages in all archives inside the directory and sub-directorys. 

How I do that in version 2018?

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and WebStorm 2018.1.1


Not sure I follow you... `Ctrl+Shift+F` (Find in Path...) is still available for directories - it sets the search scope to current directory, allowing to search for specified string in it.

To search in subfolders, make sure that Recursively button is pressed


Hello Elena.


I've found the problem. 

The problem is the theme. I changed from Dracula to GTK+ and everything worked. 

So, I changed again to Dracula and restarted my IDEA using the File > Invalidate Cache / Restart

Now, everything is working. Thank you. 


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