How to use JS PsiFiles in my plugin?

Hello, I want to use the PsiFiles for Javascript in my own plugin. But I develop with the community Edition. I read this Post 

Their is mention that the jar JavascriptLanguage.jar is only part of the Ultimate Edition, but when I open a Project with js files, the editor for JavaScript is active.

So how can I use the JAvascript Plugin in the community Edition but can not use the JavascriptLanguage.jar within my plugin development?


Hello Christian,

what you see in the community edition is basic keywords highlighting that doesn't build PSI. You can set Ultimate Edition as an SDK and add JavaScript plugin from that installation


Hello Dennis,

ok did I need a license for Ultimate to set it as SDK? I think so.



If you need only JavaScript support, you can set up WebStorm as an SDK and WS license would be enough


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