Data source and duplicate data source now work correctly for Postgres


Hello, I'm using DataGrip 2018.1.1 (bug exists in 2017 version also). When the data source is created for Postgres, any modification to Database aren't reflected after applying changes. For this same reason 'Duplicate' function not work either, by default new entry has all the same data, changing Database name doesn't help (is trying to connect to old one)


What kind of changes do you mean? Is it possible to record a screencast?


Please, follow the screenshots. In short:
1) There is existing data source configuration -> screenshot 1
2) I make a duplicate of this configuration -> screenshot 2
3) I change database (from 'core' to 'ops'), make test connection, apply the change and click ok -> screenshot 3
4) Use this new data source connection, but it's establishing a connection to old database -> screenshot 4

The same behaviour is, when I try to modify already existing data sources, the changes aren't reflected. When I want to do some changes, need to remove the entire entry and create a new one from the very beginning (copy/paste the previous values, cannot use duplicate). I hope that screenshots are helpful.


Thanks! When copying data source you also copy a visibility setting, so to make what you want go to hover (1 of 6 in your case) and choose be_ops_dev.

But it is not very clear, so I created a ticket:


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