Cannot get the environment varialbe


I'm using Perforce that need environment variable P4CONFIG.

But AppCode said this all the time:

Environment: P4CONFIG = undefined


I'm using zsh, and I've set it to the default in Terminal of macOS, and I've also set the 'Shell path' in the Preferences.

It works well until I've upgraded the macOS to High Sierra recently.


How to tell AppCode to read the environment variables from my zsh?

Tatiana Shabaeva
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Hi Tiger.

Which AppCode version are you using? Please open Terminal window in AppCode, execute the following commands:

echo $SHELL
echo $P4CONFIG

and share output with us.

If terminal output produces expected results, go to Preferences | Version Control | Perforce, enable "Dump Perforce Commands to ..." checkbox, run some Perforce command that is failing due to problem with P4CONFIG and send us p4.output file (you can file an issue in our tracker for that).

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Thanks, Tatiana.

I've found the root cause, that the system default shell was changed back to bash when I upgrade to macOS 10.13.

After I reset it, all works well.


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