Debugging Vue in express-vue


I have trouble using the debugger for vue, to be precise: the break points dont pause the application,

which means that I cant step through the code.

My setup is the following:

-Server: express based on node.js (v 8.11.1)

-serving a vue site with the usage of express-vue ( (v4.0.14)

- vue (v always the latest)

My attempt to debug is the following:

-first I started the express server normally.

-second I added the Javascript Debug Configuration adding the correct url. I know that works because when starting or debugging it automatically starts the browser with the correct link and shows everything that was sent to the client.

-the app works as always, but when a break point should be hit, it doesnt pause the application.

So my questions are the following:

- Is it possible to debug this kind of setup?

-> yes. What did I do wrong up to this point or rather what should I do to get it working?

-> No. Is there a reason why and is it fixable?  If it is fixable, who has to fix it? Webstorm, the developer of express-vue or me?

Thank you it advance

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Are you able to debug using other tools? I've tried their official sample (, and it seems that no sourcemaps are created when rendering vue files, so only generated files are available.


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