Two single quotes copied in IntelliJ becomes ONE single quote when paste to other editor/terminal


Hi Jet Brains Team,


My SQL query contains two single quotes, something like XXXXXX ''__ABC__'' XXXXX, I created the SQL file and typed the query in IntelliJ.

But when I copy the query and try to paste to other places (like Sublime Text, terminal, even browser url blank.. ),

the query becomes XXXXXX '__ABC__' XXXXX, where the two single quotes become one single quote.

I think it's probably due to an unescape feature of IntelliJ? 

Want to ask if there's a way I can disable the auto-change? I want to copy the string and paste the exact same one in anywhere.



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Hi. try using Edit | Paste Simple

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@Petr Your answer doesn't fit this question..

Paste Simple works for the use case that you copied text and paste INTO IntelliJ. My case is I want to copy from intelliJ and paste to other editors and the two single quotes are changed to one single quote.

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I tried to reproduce the problem, with no success, could you please provide an example of the file you are copying from?

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You have to use Edit -> Copy as Plain Text to copy your query. So frustrating how most strings with quotes are handled.


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