CLIon, C++, Wasm, WebGL


Short Question: Is there a tutorial somewhere for setting up CLion + C++ Wasm, WebGL ?


Long Version:

  I am testing C++ vs Rust for Wasm+WebGL. I have a working Rust example (via IntelliJ IDEA + Cargo) already. I am looking to setup a C++ example.

  Is there a tutorial somewhere for C++ + CLion + Wasm + WebGL.

  Doing it with CLion is important for the following reason: I want auto completion. The main flaw of my IDEA/Rust setup was that I could not get consistent auto completion.

  So I'm looking for a solution where CLion somehow "understanfds" the wasm types, so I can get proper auto completion of everything.



You probably already found what you were looking for but for the benefit of others Emscripten/Wasm code completion seems to work well in Webstorm


WebAssembly is not supported in CLion yet, feel free to comment or upvote


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