issue with Run window in pycharm 2018.2 pro



After upgrading my PyCharm pro to 2018.2 whenever I'm executing my code, using the "Run" (or Shift+f10), it opens a new instance in the "Python Console" tab, instead of opening it in the "Run" tab and the option in the menu (View->Tool Windows->Run ) is grayed-out.

How can I fix this issue? as options like "Scroll to the end" doesn't exists in the Python Console window..





This is exactly what I was complaining about!! I want a complete rollback of 'Run code in console'  functionality to just what it was in 2018.1.

In addition to Romgutman's comments, what is bad for me is that the console tabs are named like 'Python Console, Python Console (2), ...' Thanks to the update, I can't even figure out which code is running in each console. And there is no 'close all taps' or 'close all taps except ~' function.

Additionally, in each execution of codes, Pycharm types runfile('C:/~/', wdir='C:/~') and it is recorded in users history...(? why??) When I press up-arrow key to recall the latest commands just after the code is executed, it brings runfile(~) instead of bringing the command from user's history.

Please bring back the menu tools (including scroll to the end as Romgutman said). Note that the aforementioned functionalities are still shown in the debug mode console window only.

Anything else is fine but Please, fix them for me.

Thank you PyCharm team



One can disable Python console start on script execution by unchecking Run with Python console option in the Run Configuration.

There's an option Use existing console for "Run with Python console" in Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Console to restore 2018.1.x behavior.

As far as I remember there was never "scroll to the end" option in Python Console, please feel free to create a feature request in our bug tracker:


I am sorry, but Pavel's answer is misleading: 2018.1 behavior is not fully restored with option "Run with Python console".


Please, we need the 2018.1 run behavior, as Tomcat14d asks.

Me too!


Just want to agree with the others that 2018.2 seems like a unnecessary and confusing change to the Run functionality. With "Run with Python Console" checked, the "Single Instance Only" checkbox doesn't seem to function at all, with that functionality instead being set deep in the preferences which Pavel mentioned. In addition, moving those instantiations from the Run tab to the Python Console tab is confusing, and certainly the naming issue (Python console (2) instead of script name) needs to be addressed.

I am using 2018.2 only so I know what to expect when training colleagues; if it was just up to me I would revert back to 2018.1.


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