goland debugger does not work correctly with GoLand 2018.2

I upgraded goland version to 2018.2. Debugger does not working correctly. Step over, step in do not work correctly. They go to arbitrary section of the code. Is this a known issue?

OS version: Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.6

Go version : go1.10.3 darwin/amd64

Any workaround? Do you need any information to chase this further?

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Hi Anil,

It's not known issue, please file a bug report at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com with logs (Help | Compress logs and show in Finder), code samples and steps to recreate the issue. Thanks.

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Thanks Alexander, what logs do you need? Can you point me to instructions to collect logs?

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Anil, please go to "Help | Debug Log Settings..." and add the following line "#com.goide.dlv.DlvVm" (please preserve the "#" symbol).
Then go run the debug session as before, let the issue be encountered, then go to "Help | Debug Log Settings..." and remove that line, then go to "Help | Compress Logs and Show in...", take the archive and publish it here.
You can set the visibility to "jetbrains-team" only so that only we can see the contents of the archive.

Also, please include the additional information that Alexander asked about.
Thank you.


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