permission denied on publishing a new version of a plugin using Gradle

Hi, I justed wanted to automated the publishing of a new version of my plugin to support 2018.2 using Gradle and got the following error:

>>Task :publishPlugin
>>Failed to upload plugin: You don't have permission to edit this plugin

My build.gradle contains the following publishPlugin configuration:

publishPlugin {
  username intellijPublishUsername
  password intellijPublishPassword

The login is succesful, because if I change the password I get the error:

>>Failed to upload plugin: Authentication Failed: Invalid resource owner credentials

What should I do to get the publishPlugin to work?



PS: sources ->


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Hi Mark,

The message means that you are using username different from the one used to upload plugin previously. For plugin you should use username mark.van.holsteijn. Or you can add new usernames on plugin edit page ("Update Plugin").



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